SODI-CAN: using solar energy to provide clean water for all

idea by debolivia

The Idea


SODI-CAN is a multi-purpose, point-of-use, water container that can store, transport and disinfect water with sunlight. From New Orleans to Tanzania, by using only green and renewable solar energy, we want to provide clean water to every one who needs it.

The Specifics

Over 1.1 billion people still use unsafe drinking water. Drinking from unsafe water can result in severe diarrheal infections, resulting in death.

SODI-CAN is a multi-purpose water vessel that utilizes a patent-pending technology and optimized design to enhance a natural process of solar disinfection of water. The design is an adaptation of existing water cans, called jerry cans, found in many developing areas.

SODI-CAN can prevent up to 94% of diarrheal infections. SODI-CAN’s utility is found in refugee camps and low resource areas. We need your help to develop and launch this idea. By providing clean water, the impact of our product benefits individual well-being and the community as a whole.

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