Bus Tracking Kiosks

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The Idea


We propose to install Android tablets in public locations in Madison, WI that will tell people where the bus is, when it's coming, and more!

The Specifics

Do you avoid taking mass transit because you don't know when it will arrive or where it will go? Have you ever missed a bus or a train?

To solve these problems we have built BusRadar, an app for Android that tells you where the bus is and when it's coming.

We propose to install two Android tables in public locations in Madison, WI to make our service accessible to people without smart phones.

Who we are:
Joe is s Time-Warner Telecom engineer who worked with NextBus on mass transit monitoring in the previous decade. Alex is a student and helped to create BusRadar for Madison. We're UW-Madison graduates.

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What if, instead of two tablets, the kiosk is just a giant double sided lcd or fiberglass map where madisonians can press a button with the number of the bus route they are curious about and the entire route can light up just like in the busradar app and there can be a bus indicator that, hopefully, can be tracked in realtime. Put one of these at the transfer points and major traffic areas like downtown and you can get sponsors for to pay for all of this and just put small streaming ads vertically down the edge of one side of the map.

by tothestars12
almost 4 years ago | Reply

If I had this, I would take the bus more often.

by samareh
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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